Published Books by Joyce Walsh

Throughout my career, I've found inspiration from countless places. As a published author, I'm known for weaving these inspirations into intricate mysteries that keep the reader hooked until the very last page. Please note that all my mystery books are available for purchase through Amazon or directly through the publisher.

Feathered Serpents — Book I

Genre: A Mystery on Cape Cod

Synopsis: When detective Calderón moves from Arizona to Cape Cod to become Police Chief, he is bored and unchallenged. But his routine is soon shaken up when an opera star's 'pet' anaconda attacks her, and he encounters multiple murders in a realm of transgenic research and mysticism with links to his ancient Toltec past.

Feathered Serpents -Book I

Feathered Serpents Book II: Tezcatlipoca The Smoking Mirror

Feathered Serpents — Book II: Tezcatlipoca, The Smoking Mirror

Genre: A Mystery on Cape Cod, The Sequel

Synopsis: One year ago, widower Sebastian Calderón left his position as captain of a large police department in the metro-area of Tucson, Arizona, to become Police Chief in the sleepy village of Outer Wellfleet on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with a staff of only one deputy and a half-time office assistant. Because his teenage daughter, Bianca, was accepted to a prestigious art academy on the Cape, he resolved to put up with the cold winters and summer tourists until she graduated. Meanwhile, he expected that boredom was just part of the new job--that is, until one of the residents, opera star Da'veeda Sherone, was half-swallowed by her pet snake.

The Pittsley County Chronicles Trilogy

Genre: A Contemporary Mystery Trilogy

Synopsis: The Pittsley County Chronicles trilogy and the screenplay, Juckets, are currently under option by Command Performance Productions (New York). They are available both in print and as an e-book on Amazon.

Books I & II: Juckets - Swamp Yankees

Books I & II: Juckets | Swamp Yankees

Genre: A Contemporary Mystery Trilogy

Synopsis: In Juckets, the story begins with the disappearance of the little Bradburn girl the day before a blizzard. The main characters—psychology professor, Julia, and veterinarian, Adam—meet and are drawn into the investigation as Adam leads Julia into a world of backwoods life to find both evil and humanity in unexpected ways.

The Pittsley County Chronicles trilogy and the screenplay, Juckets, are currently under option by Command Performance Productions (New York). They are available both in print and as an e-book on Amazon.

Book III: Bog Men

Book III: Bog Men

Genre: A Mystery on Cape Cod

Synopsis: In Bog Men, we find the story of the disappearance of a young Cambodian boy from a Massachusetts cranberry bog at the hands of a mysterious cult. It is the most recent abduction investigated by psychologists, Julia Arnault, and her partner, Adam Sabeski. Bog Men (and women) also relates the outrageous attempt by the town of Pittsley to seize land by eminent domain for the development of a revenue-pumping casino and resort.


Genre: A Psychological Mystery

Synopsis: In the stone-cold heart of a 1932 New England winter, Madeline Abbott visits her oldest and closest friend who resides directly across the lake, just over the New Hampshire border from Vermont. She finds Celia seriously ill and walled away from reality by several strangers who have won her confidence. At Celia's untimely death, Madeline's instinct cries out foul play. She vows never to rest until the truth is revealed. But in her zeal, she cannot imagine the series of events she will set into motion—or how drastically they will alter the lives of every person in Celia's house that fateful day of Madeline's visit. Winterkill will keep the reader riveted and guessing until the last moment.

Available both as a print and e-book on Amazon and Solstice Publishing.


Strummin' the Banjo Moon

Strummin' the Banjo Moon

Genre: A Mainstream Novel

Synopsis: Nominated for a National Book Award (2013), Strummin' the Banjo Moon tells the odyssey of Juanna Mae DelRio Lottery. At age 19, she finds herself abandoned by her husband and foreclosed out of her house in South Jersey. Left without any resources except an old Buick, a little pocket change, and her own grit, she and her five-year-old daughter, Dell, move their belongings into their car and drive to a secluded spot deep in the pine woods. Juanna plans to stay there until she has saved enough money (by working in a fish market) to go home to her mother in Louisiana. But the Social Service is about to swoop down and take Dell into foster care—and if Juanna hadn't lied about her age, they might even take her, too! She should've known better, she says, because her mother always warned her: "The road to hell is paved with government intentions."


Genre: A Nonfiction Murder Investigation

Synopsis: What would you do if a friend tells you he can identify the killer in an old murder case? Would you advise him to go to the police? But what if the police were involved? You ought to look into it, he says. Why me?

The last question is the one I ponder repeatedly. After all, I'm no detective and have no credentials beyond authoring a few mystery novels. And yet, what is more compelling than life and death—especially to a writer?

Available as both a print and e-book on Amazon.


Time is Short, and the Water Rises
By John Walsh (with Robert Gannon)

Genre: Operation Gwamba, Nonfiction

Synopsis: In 1964, a 24-year-old MPCA agent, John Walsh, is loaned to ISPA to rescue the animals. He had never been out of New England. He had never caught jungle animals and never managed such a rescue project. But then, neither had anyone else.

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This book is currently out of print but may be found used on Amazon and American Booksellers Exchange.

Time is Short and the Water Rises
Operation Gwamba remains, to date, the largest jungle wildlife rescue in history. For more information about these animal issues and more, visit World Animal Protection.