Scripts From Screenwriter & Playwright,
Joyce Walsh

There are few things as exciting as imagining your words brought to life. As an author, screenwriter, and playwright, I've released an engaging selection of scripts--many of which are adapted from my novels--that are ready for the big or small screen!

Film Scripts

Take a minute to learn about my collection of scripts for TV and film.

Sherlee Holmes, Detective - Luna Base 1

Genre: A Mystery on Cape Cod

Synopsis: A young adult (YA), hour-long TV pilot about a teenager and her friends on the moon base in the year 2080 in the 'case' of Project Prophecy. In April 2020, this script advanced to the quarterfinalist round of the 2020 ScreenCraft Animation Competition and was a semifinalist in the 2020 ScreenCraft Si-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition.


Genre: Feature-Length Mystery/Thriller

Synopsis: Log Line: Deliverance' Comes to New England Log Line
Based on the first book of the mystery-trilogy, 'The Pittsley County Chronicles,' Juckets begins after the unsolved disappearance of the little Bradburn girl the day before a blizzard. The main characters--psychology professor, Julia, and veterinarian, Adam--meet and are drawn into the investigation as Adam leads Julia into a world of backwoods life to find both evil and humanity in unexpected ways.

Juckets, the film script, is under option by Command Performance Productions.


Genre: Feature-Length Psychological Mystery

Log Line: In 1932 New England, spinster Madeline Abbott believes her only friend has been murdered by a conspiracy of strangers; but in her relentless pursuit of justice, Madeline sets into motion a series of catastrophic events.

Synopsis: In the stone-cold heart of a 1932 New England winter, Madeline Abbott visits her oldest and closest friend who resides directly across the lake, just over the New Hampshire border from Vermont. She finds Celia seriously ill and walled away from reality by several strangers who have won her confidence. At Celia's untimely death, Madeline's instinct cries out foul play. She vows never to rest until the truth is revealed. But in her zeal, she cannot imagine the series of events she will set into motion--or how drastically they will alter the lives of every person in Celia's house that fateful day of Madeline's visit.

Winterkill Script
Feathered Serpents

Feathered Serpents

Synopsis: He is bored in the small, two-person police office until his deputy, Regina, tells him that the famous opera star, Da'veeda Sherone, has been killed and eaten--partially eaten, that is--by her pet anaconda. What looks like an accident, Calder?n quickly determines, is intentional, and now he has a murder case to investigate. The investigation, however, leads him to a network of rogue scientists developing a transgenic feathered serpent. Why? There is big money to be had in genetically engineered 'designer species.' During his investigation, Calder?n encounters an enigmatic woman, Tezca, who mystifies him and connects him to his own Toltec ancestors.

This script was a semifinalist in the New York International Screenplay Awards (12/1/19).


As a playwright, I've had my work produced in Boston and New York. Additionally, I am a proud recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council grant for playwriting, an award from the Artists Foundation of Massachusetts, and an American Regional Theatre Award (ARTA).

It's Cold in Q'atar

A full-length play about a family in crisis and the climate apocalypse: against the backdrop of a world that is in meltdown, the Dekker family is spinning out of control. The youngest brother, Tony, is in an alternate reality, while the oldest sister, Sonja, experiences her marriage falling apart, and middle sister, Bella, is about to lose custody of her son to her ex-husband.

Time:     A day and night in the present.
Set (3):   A subsidized apartment living-room; a penthouse bedroom; a luxury co-op living room.
Cast:      6 with Doubling - 3 Females, 3 Males

Short Plays Productions

Huma's Loom — Herring Run ArtsFest, Middleboro, MA; "Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Peace & Justice Theater Festival" in three venues on Cape Cod; Theatre Cooperative's 'Ritalin Readings,' Somerville, MA; the Boston Theater Marathon

Little Silk Worms — Herring Run ArtsFest.

Hair Weave — New England Academy of Theatre's NEAT Short Play Festival, New Haven, CT; "Pubic Reading Series" by The Regroup Theatre, NYC.

Oh, Brother — Herring Run ArtsFest.

The Fall of Fall Reeve — Middleboro Public Library; Culture* Park's 4th Annual Short Play Marathon, New Bedford, MA.

2nd Empress-ions — Ten Grand and a Burger Productions, New York, NY.